Welcome to Age of Elysian

Welcome home.
What do we offer?

The list is rather lengthy, so we'll keep it snappy. If you want to see the full list of features, you can take a look in the Server Information page. We'll start off with the main plugins:

Towny - Skyblock
Ultra-Hardcore - Parkour
Custom-built Dungeons
Custom Bosses
Per-player Difficulty
Ranks & Roles
Server-shop - Playershops - Auctions
New Items - New Mobs
Slimefun - Guns - New Enchants
mcMMO - PvP Arenas - Duels
Cracked Skin Support - Premium Skin Support
Unlockable & Trainable Pets
New Wilderness Structures

Quests - NPCs - RPG
Container Protection (Lockette)
Auction House
100+ Custom Enchantments
40+ Exotic Garden plants/trees
Dozens of New Armor Sets
Dozens of New Weapon Sets
Dozens of New Axe sets
Hundreds of new items (Slimefun)
Various Slimefun Add-ons
Custom World Mechanics
Various Anti-Cheat plugins
Alcoholic Potions - Brewery
Optional Account Password Protection
CoreProtect Logger
Bounty - NPC Bounty
Premium Account Synchronization
Vote & Reaction Leaderboards
Ultra-Hardcore Leaderboards & Kill Rewards

We have a highly social (and somewhat meme-y) community on our Discord server. Here, give it a go: Discord. Even if you're not really into minecraft or are just taking a break, feel free to join and spend some time with us!

We also have a Minecraft-to-Discord integration bridge, so if you have a rank on the server or have linked your MC and Discord accounts with /discord link ingame, you can chat with the people on the server just by chatting in the #ingamechat channel.